Designing and building ceiling light

I forgot to take pictures during real cutting so this is just mock up pictureTampere Hacklab has ongoing design contest for lamps. I participated in with this Asian lantern styled lampshade.
My design points for lamp were to be able easily lasercut and construct it from plywood, and to incorporate some sci-fi themed elements. Steps for this project include CAD drawing, laser cutting and physical assembly. This design came out as easy to reproduce, inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing. Read More …

Sunrise lamp add-on for nixie alarm clock.

IMG_0848Finnish winter days are dark and cold. The sun rises only for short moment, and even then it is often cloudy, or the sun is so low that it can rarely be seen. A circadian clock is synchronized with daylight changes, and so without external stimulus from sunlight, my daily rhythm started to lag and spin around. Waking at morning was difficult task.

There is a ready-made solution for this, e.g. Philips does sell alarm clocks with build in wake-up lamps, that turn on at morning to artificially sync humans internal clock. Me being hacker, I had to make my own solution, as usual. Read More …

Radioactive trip

IMG_6983I went for a radioactive hunt with my friend. Some time ago we heard a rumor, that in Paukkajanvaara there was small uranium mine and enrichment facility between 1958 and 1961. Amount of mined uranium was small, and after 60s reduced need for uranium, mine was closed and never re-opened. During closing no cleanup was made, and due 60s lower standards and general neglect whole mining site was contaminated with radioactive uranium products.

We packed our cameras and a geiger counter and started car at this cloudy sunday afternoon. Read More …

3D modeling with Blender (Part One)


Screenshot 2015-01-19 17.54.01I found new hobby in form of 3D models. I have previously tested blender, but have not done anything productive with it. Now I finally got time and determination to learn more of using it to make something wort of sharing. I have now been playing and experimenting with Blender about couple of weeks and I already have bigger project in my mind. Read More …

New toys

I “found” some old DELL PowerEdge 2850 rack servers. 2x 3.2Ghz intel xeon (P4 generation), 8GB memory, and bunch of 146GB and 74GB SCSI HDDs.

I don’t have use for these yet, but maybe something comes up.