What’s up? -Nothing special

I have not been lately active at all. Sorry. I have not done much on electronics, just lied lazy in home. But I have some small updates.Sometimes ago writer of Finnish computer magazine MB contacted me, and wanted my nixie clock to an article covering Hacker/Maker/DIY movement  and asked me and my clock to be photographed. I don’t want be arrogant, but this is quite big thing for me, even though it will be probably just one picture and couple lines of text.

What else, well I bought 2 of those cheap Chinese “3D Sound” usb cards. Well you can’t expect much for $2 dongle, and I was correct in my previous post, they probably come in same shipping container as they go back. They were unusable:

and sound sample: Chinese usb soundcard.mp3. As you can hear, it is horrible, and volume control was not working at all. But I got my little money back and started to make my own soundard.USB souncard board V5

More info about this in my usb souncard topic at EEVblog.

You want still read more? I’m afraid I haven’t done much else.

Just playing with wireless security camera, it would be cool to attach this to quad copter and fly around, but far too expensive, copter itself I mean.

Oh, and I moved my photography gallery from Deviantart to Flickr, which is more respected and better looking.

Thats it, nothing more comes to my mind, I broke my xmegas and usbasps and can’t do anything with them, and truly speaking couldn’t even bother.

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