Debian and stuff

I have had little problem with operating systems. I haven’t found any I could like or use. After Ubuntu 9.10 lost it’s support, and next versions of *buntu distros were all bloated and ugly. Back then I did not have needed knowhow to use other linux or unix systems, so I stuck back to Windows. Anyway I have been experimenting with different OS’s for while now, NetBSD(I can’t get X working), FreeBSD(I can’t get gpu drivers working), Mint(bloated), Xubuntu(still bloated and xfce is terrible) and Haiku(which seems nice but is still heavily incomplete). Only operating system I could get working and bear was Debian Squeeze, because it still have lovely gnome 2, only desktop environment I ever have liked.Debian works relative fast even on my Thinkpad T42. And on a newer computer & SSD it is absolutely fast as speed of light(well electricity “moves” bit slower in copper than c, about 70% of it, and processors aren’t even that fast), booting process takes a few seconds after the kernel is loaded:

One thing in Debian that pisses me of is artwork it comes with, probably graphic designers are from kindergarten or have very bad taste, stars and rockets, really?ScreenshotI made bit better svg picture from free wallpaper I found from internet and official debian svg logo.

Screenshot2And  the desktop, gnome 2 is great, but gnome icons aren’t, I changed them to stylish Faenza icon set. Now I just hope that Debian and gnome 2 is someway supported still next couple years, at least so long that this new Metro and Unity “‘Pretty’ tablet UI over usability” craze is over or so do I hope…


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