Nixie clock firmware

Firmware for clock is in publishable condition at last. Now all major functions are implemented and no bugs are (yet) found. But there will be likely future versions with slight fixes and features. And yes, it is made with basic, terrible, horrible and not 1337 at all, but  it was easier and I could ask help from friend who have similarly constructed clock. There is also slight chance that I will translate this to avr gcc, but it would be big job, because it have not all functions and stuff.


  • Power on self test and reseting settings if RTC battery backup is lost (error 88 88)
  • Display off mode: Alarm works, time is shown 5s when snooze button is pressed
  • Time display mode: Time is shown at display, alarm works. If enabled from settings, digits are rolled at selectable intervals to prevent cathode poisoning, and can be forced by pressing select.
  • Alarm time setting: Alarm time can be set. Select changes between hours and minutes, up/down changes selected.
  • Settings mode: Time and settings can be set. Select changes between hours, minutes and setting to be adjusted, up/down changes selected. First display is time. After that comes settings, where setting is  shown on left, and value is shown on right. Adjustable settings in this version are:
  1. Alarm tune selectable in this version are 1: traditional alarm, 2: old nokia style, 3: loud random noise, 4: Grande valse, 5: Leisure Suit Larry theme, and 6: unnamed song. Selected tune can be listened by pressing snooze button.
  2. Snooze length, how many minutes alarm can be muted, 3 to 15 minutes selectable.
  3. Roll interval, how often display roll effect is run, selectable 1 step interval 1 to 10 minutes and 5 step interval 10 to 60 minutes.

Up/down button fast forwards when kept pressed. Mode is selected by rotary switch. Alarm is enabled by switch and can be turned off by briefly turning it off position. Snooze button mutes and delays alarm for selected period, when alarm is set and is ringing.

Here is the rolling effect in this version:

And here is bascom source code:


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